Thursday, July 7, 2011


Oh hey again!
Nashville is a no-go this weekend :( sad. But I'm only medium upset because the reason we're not going is that Amanda got a job - which is good news! It is the perfect job for her, and I know how badly she wanted it so I'm pretty happy ;) Now I can be a kept woman. Hahahahaha...right.

I AM going to Atlanta next weekend, though! This one is official because the plane ticket is bought. I'm going to help out my cousins at a trade show for their company. I will mostly just be wearing pajamas all weekend to promote, and setting up booths. And hanging out with my Cincinnati and Atlanta cousins :) Sounds like fun to me.

Today I saw a tiny desk on the sidewalk that someone was getting rid of, and I wanted it. It was in good condition and I thought it would fit in my car. Wrong. A guy saw me struggling, and he came over to help. He ended up getting a wrench from his apartment and taking it apart so it would fit in my car, how nice! While this was happening I saw someone I knew and she found the situation to be pretty funny. Then she told me that a week or so ago there were some awesome chairs that someone had put out down there and she snatched em up. Exquisite.

I'm eating a tasty bag of Gardetto's right now. Thinking of a poem that Lisa wrote, I'd like to share:

Oh, Gardetto's
I want you in my mouth
you have no idea
how bad I want to go down south
stop at every store on the way
I wish you knew
how much I love your shapes
brown ones, round ones
salty but so sweet
Oh, Gardetto's
if I could I would eat
every bag so tenderly
lick you, savor you
I want your flavors all over me
there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
I see you with someone else
in their hands, touching their lips
I wouldn’t hesitate to give
even a small child a swift kick
because you belong to me
I want you all to myself
I’d smuggle every one of you off the shelf
smile as I run away
if I had you all for just one day
I’d take you to Gardetto Island
just being together, munching in silence
Oh, Gardetto's
you are perfect to me
I want to open you up, whisper softly
--that you are the only snack I’ll ever need 

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