Friday, March 23, 2012

Moving in day is OH SO CLOSE!

Ahhhhhh the excitement is building! I can't friggin WAIT to move in to my new apartment! To unpack, decorate, drink beers on the balcony, make dinners in my own kitchen, figure out how to commute to and from work, arrange furniture, put things on the walls, attempt to fix our hideous bathroom!! THE TIME IS COMING.

In light of this, I thought I'd share some pics I took last weekend when we went to go pick up our keys :)

This is the living room, where we will live. There is a fake fireplace with fake wood!
This is a bit of the kitchen. The open door on the right is my  (our) bedroom!
This is Amanda measuring Molly. She is a midget. This is in our "guest bedroom".
Dining room (we will dine in here). 

 I quickly realized that it's so hard to take pictures of an apartment, even though I thought I was far enough back I was really just capturing a very small corner of the rooms. Oh well. You will have to come visit. The bedrooms are rather small, but the other/main living area rooms are pretty nice sized :)

Blorrrrf I'm so excited to move in! Not so excited to pack and physically move things!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm pretty into my beverage this morning, it says Naked on it. It is a really ugly greenish brown color, but it tastes delicious. Hahaha, I just noticed on the bottle it says, "looks weird, tastes amazing". It's true. I think it kinda tastes like mango/apple/pineapple juice. But it has lots of good crap in it, which I like. Spirulina, broccoli, spinach, wheat grass, ginger, banana, kiwi, apples, and even more things than that! Whoop. Jeez, it sounds like I work for them (I don't). I'm just happy with my drink this morning.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

In case you forgot, I am a huge nerd

I made this chart to demonstrate how many claims I have to work on at a given time. I use Microsoft Excel a lot so this was only natural. Nerdiness+procrastination=this chart. Now keep in mind, that even if it sometimes looks like I'm not doing anything, I get lots of transfers. So the number will go up (I don't like that).

Monday, March 12, 2012

My a.d.d. has really hit it's stride this afternoon. I mean, this morning was bad enough, but coupled with an extremely full belly, I am just a big stinky blob at the moment. This morning was discouraging with mistakes I made last week biting me in the buns. And unfortunately I can't think of one thing long enough to figure out what to...wait what was I talking about? No, I'm not even kidding. I have a bottle of 5 hour energy in my desk. But what sounds less appealing than that? Probably nothing. And I'd totes go for more coffee if I hadn't just scarfed a 12 inch sandwich from subway into my face. With a bag of chips. *burp*

The good news: I got my sh*t together enough to finally order checks for my new checking account. I've never really had much reason to have checks in the past, but now that I'll be paying rent and bills and other such adult things, IT IS TIME.

I need to zone out now. My brain and body are succumbing to my food coma.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


How can I be expected to work when I am 60 pages from finishing the last of the Hunger Games books?!?

The movie is coming out soon, yesssss.

Last night - had the last of my testing for my brain stuff. Head MRI. Worst thing ever. If you've had an MRI before please join my support group. That thing was terrifying, setting off all of my body's natural reactions to panic. The sounds that machine made were like tornado sirens/car alarms/scary alarms blaring in my ears for 45 minutes straight. Not moving. Feeling claustrophobic in a tube where I couldn't have moved even if I'd wanted to.

I counted to 100 so many times. Sometimes I forgot how to count. Sometimes I could feel the magnets pulling on me, did not like that. The only thing that kept me from screaming was knowing they'd just have to start over & do it again from the beginning. When I thought they were almost done, that they HAD to be done, a voice came over this speaker that said, "Okay, we're almost 1/3 of the way done."

I almost lost my shit.

20 minutes later they pulled me out, told me I still couldn't move, and injected some stuff into my arm. A dye I think. And then what happened? THEY PUT ME BACK IN.

Haha oh what a night. When it was all over I was shaking and my eyes were bloodshot, and I cried (just a bit) in my car. It was mostly hyperventilating. I AM SO BRAVE.

Anyway, I slept like a rock last night. So that's good. I am turning 26 in 3 days - whaaaaaat?

Friday, March 2, 2012


Today, I look special.
I am having a "72 hour ambulatory EEG" done (on my head). There are 26 electrodes stuck to my scalp, and 2 heart rate monitors stuck to my back. This means lots of wires. And this also means I get to wear a really sexy fanny pack containing a power source to all the madness, and a recording device. All of this is connected to me all the time. No showering. Limited cell phone use. No chewing gum (wtf). And NO SCRATCHING MY HEAD. Haha that last one is the worst.
To keep all the electrodes in place, my head is wrapped in white bandages and tape. This is very warm and ugly. So to cover all of this I have a winter cap on. My head is a hybrid between a cone head and a smurf hat. The cone shape comes from the amplifier box that they attached under the bandages on top of my head.
I can't wait til Sunday when I can remove this shizzay!
I think it was very brave of me to come to work today. If I feel inclined I might post a picture later, so you can see just how bad I look.
I've been telling people that I've had a brain transplant. Another story I have is that scientists are trying to figure out how to harness my immense intelligence.
Blarf. The real reason is kinda boring and dumb.

I look a bit like this sad child:

...I've been making the same face too...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happiest animals...ever.

Oh boy, came across this today. And yes, it has made my day today. I strongly recommend checking out these happy animals if you're happy, sad, confused, hungry, or really any other emotion. The captions are pretty spectacular as well. Thanks buzzfeed!

Some of my personal favorites:

This Sloth
Secret To Happiness: Strong sense of self worth. 
Favorite Thing: Looking smug.
This Squirrel
Secret To Happiness: Hard work; simple, old-fashioned, American values. 
Favorite Thing: Being a homeowner.
This Bulldog
Secret To Happiness: Stopping to smell the roses; stopping to smell everything else. 
Favorite Thing: Smelling things.
This Elephant
Secret To Happiness: Ability to blow water out of nose; having no particular place to be. 
Favorite Thing: Hurrying anyway.