Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back from Michigan

ThePanda and I went to Michigan this past weekend (maybe I already mentioned that? I've been pretty excited). Stayed at a bed & breakfast in Union Pier, and it as fantastic! It was everything I really wanted it to be, but didn't really expect it to be. You know how you get your hopes up over something and then it kinda lets you down. That's what I thought might happen here, but this was actually a really wonderful weekend.

The "inn" was adorable; we had our own little fire place in the room, there were lots of games in the big living room of the main house. We played checkers and a couple other games. They had fresh baked cookies for us to eat until we exploded. And breakfast both mornings was incredible. Waffles, eggs, coffee, orange juice, hash browns, fruits, and other yums. Of course the hot tub was also a plus :) Pretty splendid sitting outside in the hot Jacuzzi with snow falling around you.

mini fire place in our room @ the b&b. cute deluxe.

We decided to do this lil vacay because of a Living Social deal (kinda like Groupon). And it came with a free dinner out at a restaurant one night, and a free wine tasting! The last morning we were there, we walked down to the beach, which was snowy, but not unpleasant b/c it was a pretty warm day. One things I really liked about this weekend? No tv :)
Thepanda carefully contemplates her next move in giant checkers.
I wish I had my camera on me so I could post more pictures right now, but all I have are my phone pics. I'm still floating on my good mood, I didn't even hate getting up for work this morning. PLUS IT'S ALMOST 60 DEGREES OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. It's lunch time and you better believe I'm about to get my booty out the door here in a minute.

Groupon sent me another $5 credit to use on one of their Groupon now deals. Thanksssss! Free lunch for Leah!

I'm a happy camper today. Even my crap-tacular co workers can't bum me out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

Monday, January 23, 2012


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Hi my babies,
Don't ask why, but I keep writing all these posts and then not finishing them. Thus, they are forever destined to live in the blogger.com limbo. Maybe not forever, I might jump on it.

You ever have one of those days where things just...start out badly? Like one thing after another keeps going wrong, and before you even have a chance to settle into the day, you already feel drained/destined to be in a crummy mood.

Today is that day for me. I woke up late, rushed around trying to get ready and forgot to do a zillion things at home. While trying to get to the train station, I was stressed to the max...only to discover that the train was running 10 mins late. Forgot my badge to get into my office, forgot breakfast & lunch. And 3 of my coworkers came into work past 8:30, oh but don't worry they'll get paid for being here at 8. Ugh. Irritating.

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My love for Liz Lemon is an infinity symbol. 8..sideways.
I need to slip out of this crappy attitude because it's really no fun for me, or anyone in contact with me. What makes me happy at work? Let's see...
- Yummy coffee
- Gchat
- Pinterest
- Snacks
- Buying Groupons
- Doing things that make the time fly by
- Texting with people I like
- Thinking of fun things to do during the next week
- Apartment hunting

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rut Roh

I bought my first...wait for it...full coverage bra this past weekend. Does that mean I am getting old?!? Too much information? Probably. I'm sorry.

Dave & Busters date yesterday ;) So fun! I used my credit card points to get a gift card. Zombie games, Skee ball, pool, basketball, Ms. Pacman, tall beers, and my favorite girl. How friggin lucky am I? <3

Having a 3 day weekend was grrrrrreat! It really did seem so long. I was really lazy during the day, but guess what? IT WAS AWESOME. And you know what? Only 4 days of work this week - whoop whoop!

This post was written in an effort to get my stinky self out of this weird pseudo-Monday-morning funk I am in. Yeah, I'm kind of a grumpus today. What is it about seeing pictures of exes that puts me in such a weird mood?! I'm a strange strange cookie...At least Dwight can give us some answers.

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Friday, January 13, 2012


Today I wrote a poem about Texas. It was therapeutic I guess. The poem doesn't make any sense, really. I had a dream about Texas several months ago. Last night was awful, I would do almost anything to get it out of my head. I'd even write a strange poem about Texas. I'll share it with you:

He hates Texas.
You wouldn't know it to look at him.
There is no bumper sticker on his car,
or flag in his yard.
Only the way he thinks.
And the way he thinks,
is that he hates Texas.
Carl - that is his name.
He has a mother and a father,
they live in Texas.
That's not why he hates it.
He loves his family,
he even has a job!
In Texas.
Yes, Carl lives in Texas.
He lives in Amarillo.
He hates big things,
and he really likes small things.
That's not right in Texas.

One day he walks to his car
after work. Piles himself inside.
The ignition turns, he wonders
what it's like in Vermont this time
of year.

Muscle memory,
checking mirrors and looking for cars.
He sees the car
that will hit him in less than a second.

Metal and glass, his car bends
in a way that was not intended
by the manufacturer.
He is a real live crash test dummy.
His head. Snaps to the side.
And hits that little plastic piece
that connects the seat belt to the car.

Glass is falling all around him,
like snow flakes falling on a nighttime lake.
Carl is not dead. He knows this is bad,
but he can't feel a single thing.
His senses are turned off!
Thank God, because this would hurt.

But then, blood in his mouth
And he can feel every single piece
of glass that is resting on his body,
poking into his body.
And his head.
He knows his head will never be the same.

15 months go by,
and Carl has a scar on his face,
in the shape of Texas.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I am a big fan of making lists and resolutions and trying to think of ways to be better. I don't always follow my little to do lists, but they are fun anyway. I figure even if I don't follow through with ALL of these resolutions for the year 2012, at least I can look back and see if I made progress, right?

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1. Make more time to see/talk to my friends
This is a big one, which is why it deserves the number one spot! I like my friends, and hate it when too much time goes by that I don't see them.

2. Cut down on meat and dairy
Pretty self explanatory I think? I need to read/watch more things about nutrition, vegetarianism, vegan-ism, etc!

3. Really learn to crochet and/or knit
I started learning how to crochet from my friend Jamie last year, but then...well...kinda fell off the wagon. Mostly I want to actually DO some of the crafty things that I've been posting on my Pinterest boards!

4. Meditate

5. Read (a lot) more!

6. Start taking steps in figuring out what I want to do with my life
Okay, this one sounds a bit overwhelming/ambiguous. But it's a topic that makes me uncomfortable to say the least - I need to start focusing. Even if it's just letting myself think about it and openly talk about it.

7. Quit drinking so much booze
Ugh. I'll be 26 this year. Maybe I can grow up a bit. Hangovers = the worst.

8. Take more pictures
Specifically, take more pictures with Amanda. She's not much of a picturey type person, so it will require extra forcing on my part.

9. Blog regularly

10. Create and drink lots of healthy smoothies
I just made this one recently and I loved it! Made me feel so good and energized and full after I drank it. I want morrrrrrrre!

11. Run at least one 5K
I had planned on doing this last summer, but then, once again, I fell off the wagon. Haha no more wagon falling in 2012?

Alright, alright 11 is enough ;)

I'll try to keep you posted throughout the year on my progress (hopefully not lack there of). And then next January I'm excited to see where I am!

Happy New Year!

(Ok I'm 9 days late on that, but I still mean it!)

2011 was quite a year, quite a year indeed! This time last year I was living/working for my cousins in Cincinnati. An important relationship ended this time last year. But then we had a snow storm at the beginning of February - leading to cuddle fest 2011, haha. In March I took my East coast road trip and tried couch surfing for the first time, which was glorious. Helped plan/execute a surprise birthday party for my mom at the beginning of April, and then later that month I met Amanda. I also quit smoking for 11 days. Whoop!

The summer of 2011 was actually pretty awesome, despite the fact that I got depressed about not having a job at times. I went to the beach quite a bit, played some ultimate frisbee, fell in love, drank lots of beer, went on adventures, saw lots of concerts, and overall had a really lovely summer.

Fall/winter of 2011? Hmm well I got my current job, sometime in September. It's had it's ups and downs. Ups in that I have money coming in, and I'm on some kind of regular schedule for the first time in a while.I don't feel quite as useless as I did when I wasn't working ;) Of course the downs with this job are that I'm pretty indifferent to the work I'm doing, and well, it takes time away from my "social life". Haha. Oh well, I feel good knowing this is stable, but temporary.

Anyway, I guess the point is that lots of stuff happened in 2011! Where I was 365 days ago is nowhere near where I am today. It's pretty incredible, actually. Initially, I didn't want to make any "resolutions" for the year, but....now I'm changing my mind. I love lists. So a list will be made! An important list! FOR THE YEAR!

But not right now. Haha. Must work. Bye!

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