Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hi, it's been a while!

Over a month since I last graced Blogger with my presence!

Oy much has changed. As I said in my last post I started a temping job. With an insurance company. The job is tedious, but we have a lot of down time. 7 other people were hired at the same time as me so it's been kind of nice to go through the training process with a bunch of other people.

Today by boss's boss came in to tell us about permanent positions that the company is hiring for. I'm not sure I will apply to them b/c I like the idea of this job being done with in a few months. Amanda and I have been talking about possibly moving out to Denver in the (somewhat near) future. Maybe within a year. So living at home, and (kind of) saving money from a temporary job is actually ideal for me right now!

This weekend is Halloween and I have no desire to dress up/go to Halloween things. Tomorrow night I'm going to a show at the Double Door in Chicago with Panda (aka Amanda), and on Saturday I want to do some shopping. That's about it, haha. And you know what? I am happy with these plans.

I lost my camera a couple of weeks ago at a party. Not only was I obviously sad about the camera itself, but I also had pictures on it that I wished to have. Believe it or not the person who found my camera posted it on a message board from the party's website and I was able to get it back! **Happiness ensues!!

I need a winter coat. Stat. Also black boots. Also work clothes. I am in the market for some gray, medium skinny legged slacks. Hopefully I will find some of these items this weekend.

Unfortunately the internet blocks have gone into effect at work so I can't look at lots of websites, but I think this will get me to do a bit more blogging which I've been meaning to do. Not that I have anything particularly interesting to write about, but I still enjoy it. And reading other people's blogs.


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  1. I STRONGLY disagree with you moving to Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really hoping this relationship with Amanda would keep you in Chi-Town! Don't leave. Denver weather is the same - if not worse- than ours!!!!! :(

    For Love of Cupcakes