Monday, April 2, 2012

over the weekend...

we moved in :) Yes, that's right ladies and gents I am now a resident of Chicago. I have keys, I have an address, and the cable/internet is in my name. Damn, I am a grown ass woman! Haha, that's what I'd like you to believe anyway. Maybe once you see my riding to the bus stop on my razor scooter you'll change your mind.

Moving is such a massive pain in the ass - I do not want to do it again any time soon. Packing is just the tip of the iceberg. And even though I've moved A LOT in my life, none of those moves are really comparable to the time you move out of your parent's house for good.

I can't wait til we are settled into the apartment for good, so we can finally just...breathe and hang out, haha. Molly is really good at decorating which is nice. And it's been fun to go through all of our things to make a very complete kitchen. Ahhh I wish I could just take this whole week off work to hang out at my new home :) But on the other hand I suppose it's keeping me sane to get out of that mess for a while.

I think I got a bit spoiled, as far as work commutes go, when I was staying at Amanda's old apartment. Getting to work was super quick and easy (about 20-30 mins and the bus would drop me off right in front of my building!). So this morning on my first commute to work from Andersonville I was kinda bummed. But then I remembered it was better than coming from the burbs, so that cheered me up ;) I decided to make a map, because I like doing weird things like that to demonstrate my travels to you:

Okay, I'm a nerd. I need to use my powers for good now. Later taters!

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