Monday, April 22, 2013


The vegan thing has been great. I've cut out dairy/meat Monday through Friday (mostly) for the last few weeks. After the first 3 days with no animal products I could feel a huge difference in my body/health. I think if I quit smoking/drinking beers I would feel an even bigger difference - but hey, I'm a faulty human ;)

I would definitely recommend trying to cut out meat/dairy/eggs for a few days just to see how awesome it feels. And 3 days of vegan eating is a piece of cake. Ideas for you: Bagel/toast w jelly, oatmeal, fruits, soups, pasta, hummus, guacamole, stir fry, veggie burgers, stuffed peppers/potatoes/mushrooms, pizza w/o cheese, risotto, rice, quinoa, veg chili, roasted veggies, granola, lentils, etc. I thought it would be hard to constantly come up with vegan meal/snack ideas, but it's been super easy. Plus, I've found things I like that I would have never ever tried before.

I think it is ready to be "spring" here in Chicago. I am going to put away my damn winter coat once and for all. Cold weather is depressing as shit AND I AM OVER IT :)

We are renewing our apartment lease, which is exciting (and a little scary because woah, commitment). Can't believe we've been there for a year already. I love our apartment. I'm happy that Amanda + Molly + myself live so harmoniously with each other.

I am "running" a 5k at the end of this week. I wish I was in better shape, haha. BUT I've been working out for several months (lost 4 lbs, whoop?). My goal is to finish this 5k in 45 mins. I think that for regular people that is really slow, but I would actually be impressed with myself.

Oy, it's Monday and I don't want to work, but I'm going to go do it anyway.

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