Saturday, August 6, 2011


Epic week is coming to an end! I have been in the city all week; just got home an hour ago. I missed my bed and all of it's squishy gloriousness. I had big plans of posting pictures from this week, but my camera is downstairs. I am not going back. Too far!!!!!

Last weekend the New Yorkers came, good times were had! Sara and Alex are pretty fly. Here's a link to Sara's blog: She did a couple of posts on her time in Illinois. Her camera is awesome and takes excellent pictures. 2 of my aunts were staying at my home last weekend. They have since left. On Monday and Tuesday I helped out (a small amount) at the trade show in Merchandise Mart.

Tuesday was supposed to be a day of Ultimate Frisbee, but due to lightning, Brittny and I crashed Amanda's apartment and drank fancy/glamorous beers while watching a show about a briefcase...and a GPS.

Wednesday went to the beach with miss Brittny. It was perfection. Minus my sunburn. It's one of those burns where you can clearly see what parts of my back I didn't reach enough with the sunscreen. Very sexy. And wednesday night Amanda and I went to Navy Pier to see a show at the Shakespeare Theater. A murder mystery! It was funny and also a musical. And also 1 guy played the part of about 9 characters. Then if you could even believe it when the play was over we shared a hotdog and watched fireworks. Navy Pier isn't my favorite place in Chicago, but it actually was a very lovely date :)

Thursday was...yesterday. the Chive party! Ahhhhhhh so fun. "I am obsessed with this night" was said multiple times. So many drinks were drank. That is what happens when you have an open bar all night. It was fun for me to meet the guys who I always see pictures of, and who post things that have brightened many hours of my life. They are a lot of fun.

Unfortunately today was a bit of a waste. So so sos os ososososos hungover. Ew. I have consumed sleeping pills and showered. So I'm ready for a solid 10 hours of sleep tonight. Hopefully the hangover will be gone tomorrow! I need bacon. Oh, speaking of bacon, on Sunday morning we made pancakes with a slice of bacon inside. <3 delicious.

peace and blessings. peace. and blessings.

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