Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall goals

Hi pretties,

I'm inspired. I'm inspired to make some goals for this Fall. Fall is awesome for a million reasons that I probably don't have to remind you of. And why not make it better by doing some awesome stuff that's gonna make me happy?

This is the blog that inspired me. And these are my goals:

1. Come up with an idea for/Work on a homemade Christmas gift for someone
2. Decorate my bedroom
3. Always be in the middle of a book, or have a next one to read in mind
4. Use the crock pot at least one more time before Thanksgiving
5. Paint my nails, and keep them looking non-ugly

Okay - those are good, right?! It's hard to come up with things like this because I can come up with a million things I want to do all the time, but that's the nice thing about limiting to-do lists to a small number.

My cousin and her friend Ryan were in town for a few days, staying at our apartment. It was such a great time, and it's fun to see Chicago with touristy eyes every now and again. Ryan took this picture from the Hancock building, and I'm going to share it b/c it's just super lovely.


1 comment:

  1. Hey grill!

    I just went over to the blog that inspired you and I can't figure out what a leather patchie is. The one named Doris... do you know what she's talking about?

    I'm trying to do #5 myself!

    For the crock pot one you should totes try the pork chops I keep raving about!!!!!!!

    <3 Jamie