Monday, October 8, 2012


I love food. I really do. I love healthy food, even! The problem is: I'm a bit lazy. I typically don't think far enough in advance to prepare foods, and when I do, I brush it off. This means I typically end up eating crap food, and spending way too much money on snacks/lunches at work.

Well, I'm sorting out ways to remedy this. First things first, I think I need to stock pile a few treats at work. All that takes is one day of motivation to stock up for weeks of snack attacks, I certainly should be able to pull it off. With the help of the internet, my stomach, and my taste buds, I'm compiling a good list of foods to keep at my desk/work fridge:

1. Fruits! (You knew that would make the cut).
2. Veggies! (Fruit's nerdier, better-for-you cousin)
3. Trail mix/nuts
4. String cheese/cheese wedges
5. Cottage cheese
6. Cereal
7. Peanut butter
8. Pretzels/crackers (whole wheat/multi grain)
9. Greek yogurt
10. Bars (Kashi, Luna, etc)
11. Tea (right, right not a food, but it give my mouth something to do when I'm looking to bored eat)
12. Oatmeal
13. Dark chocolate

Hmm, I need to find some frozen treats to keep in the freezer here. Always nice to have something that won't go bad anytime soon.

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