Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7 Days

The past week has been pretty incredible. I am one very lucky duck. Also, one very busy duck! Things are changing, quickly, but I like it. I am seeing the beauty in staying busy, despite my natural inclination to be a lazy face. In the last 7 days I've gone to hot yoga twice (sore/happy muscles today!), a hockey game (Chicago Wolves vs. Grand Rapids Griffins), apartment hunting twice, spent time at home with my mom, FINALLY tried a new/awesome vegan restaurant with Brittny (Native Foods Cafe), and can't forget this - got the promotion I applied for!

I have been stressin about losing my health insurance when I turn 26. Typically that is the absolute last cutoff date for being a dependent via your parent's insurance provider. With the way this new job at work will work out I will officially be on their payroll March 5. That is only 5 days from turning 26! I do like to cut things close, haha.

story of my life

Well, it's lunch time. And I really want to be reading The Hunger Games. I just started it last night, and it seems good so far! I can tell already that it will be a super quick, and hopefully interesting read. I will post more about the apartment later, once we've made an official decision!


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