Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sup, bra?

TahitiChello. I'm here.

Tried "power yoga" for the first time EVER last night. Damn...it's difficult! The only experience I've ever had with yoga was in high school gym class. Apparently that didn't prepare me for this. I bought a groupon for 20 yoga classes (only $40!) Probably one of the best Groupon deals I've ever bought. Problem is that it's almost impossible to fit into the schedule b/c there are so many people who are trying to go now.

Anyway, an hour of this yoga and I'm definitely feeling it today. I have NEVER sweat so much at one time as I did last night. They turn up the temperature to around 100 degrees for the whole session. The purpose of this is to open your pores and help your body to detox via sweat. The heat also makes your muscles a little bit more flexible so you can stretch farther with lower risk of pulling something. And since it's so damn hot your heart beats faster, so you get a cardio workout! I'm diggin it.

I felt like I was going to pass out a couple of times, but the nice thing was that everyone was kind of in their own head, so it didn't matter if you needed to just sit or lay for a while. I think I could totally get on board with this yoga thing. An added bonus is that there's also a focus on meditation/relaxation/mind over body thinking.

Thanks for getting me to the gym, Groupon!

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