Thursday, February 23, 2012


Read an article with a few interesting tips for keeping your metabolism up! And I wanted to share some that I think I can work on/incorporate into my life. Since I (unfortunately) spend A LOT of time sitting, I do like to think of ways that I can keep my body busy and somewhat healthy. Here's a few tips that stuck out to me:

 - Stay hydrated: drink lots and lots of water!
- Cut back on the after work drinks: the hangover you have next day slows your metabolism waaaaaay down.
- Drink Kombucha, Oolong, and Green teas (I've never had the first 2, but it probably wouldn't kill me to replace coffee with tea every now and again).
- Do more weight training, even light weights
- Get plenty of Vitamins B&C
- Avoid high fructose corn syrup!!!! Ew that stuff really grosses me out.
- Eat spicy foods (not a problem for me, I lurve spicy!)
- Add ginger to some meals - Okay, I'm not crazy about ginger typically, but I think if it were cooked up in some stir fry I could give it a go.


  1. I've tried Kombucha. It tastes weird for sure, but I guess it's really good for you.. I heard it was made out of fermented mushrooms?

    1. Hmmm...fermented mushrooms? I guess I could try tea made out of that.