Monday, March 12, 2012

My a.d.d. has really hit it's stride this afternoon. I mean, this morning was bad enough, but coupled with an extremely full belly, I am just a big stinky blob at the moment. This morning was discouraging with mistakes I made last week biting me in the buns. And unfortunately I can't think of one thing long enough to figure out what to...wait what was I talking about? No, I'm not even kidding. I have a bottle of 5 hour energy in my desk. But what sounds less appealing than that? Probably nothing. And I'd totes go for more coffee if I hadn't just scarfed a 12 inch sandwich from subway into my face. With a bag of chips. *burp*

The good news: I got my sh*t together enough to finally order checks for my new checking account. I've never really had much reason to have checks in the past, but now that I'll be paying rent and bills and other such adult things, IT IS TIME.

I need to zone out now. My brain and body are succumbing to my food coma.


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