Friday, March 2, 2012


Today, I look special.
I am having a "72 hour ambulatory EEG" done (on my head). There are 26 electrodes stuck to my scalp, and 2 heart rate monitors stuck to my back. This means lots of wires. And this also means I get to wear a really sexy fanny pack containing a power source to all the madness, and a recording device. All of this is connected to me all the time. No showering. Limited cell phone use. No chewing gum (wtf). And NO SCRATCHING MY HEAD. Haha that last one is the worst.
To keep all the electrodes in place, my head is wrapped in white bandages and tape. This is very warm and ugly. So to cover all of this I have a winter cap on. My head is a hybrid between a cone head and a smurf hat. The cone shape comes from the amplifier box that they attached under the bandages on top of my head.
I can't wait til Sunday when I can remove this shizzay!
I think it was very brave of me to come to work today. If I feel inclined I might post a picture later, so you can see just how bad I look.
I've been telling people that I've had a brain transplant. Another story I have is that scientists are trying to figure out how to harness my immense intelligence.
Blarf. The real reason is kinda boring and dumb.

I look a bit like this sad child:

...I've been making the same face too...

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