Friday, September 14, 2012

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I have a conglomerate of 6 mosquito bites on my right calf today. Gross. Despite that, it's a good day. I'm starting to get excited for Fall. No a.c. and sleeping with the windows open is one of those little things that makes me love the changing weather. LOVE.

I'm starting to brainstorm cooler weather related adventures, and that's making me feel better about the upcoming winter (shhh). Fires in my mom's back yard , apple picking, dates at cozy hookah bars with a couple glasses of wine, bed & breakfast weekends away from the city (last year's trip was so amazing, we might go back to the same place), lots of movies and blankets and hot tea, making new soups and re-creating old favorites. Everything in the fall has such a cozy feel to it. Plus - I like scarves and jackets a lot. Oh, and football season!! Haha I've got my Goodwill purchased child-sized Bears jersey that needs to be dusted off and strutted around the apartment in.

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Paul McCartney and baby love Fall, too!

This Fall/Winter I absolutely want to experiment with some of my crafty Pins!

In news that is exciting to nobody except me: I'm getting an iPhone soon. Eeee! I will finally join the ranks of the yuppies instagraming blurry pictures while ironically listening to Gotye on the red line! Seriously - get ready for me to instagram the shit out of stupid things. I've been going back and forth debating on the iPhone 5 or 4 (first world problems). What it all boils down to is I'd rather get the iPhone 4 as a free upgrade, even though it comes with lame headphones and is a half inch shorter than the 5. Oh well. Any phone is better than my current p.o.s. :)

Let me leave you with a craft I have in mind:

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