Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back from Michigan

ThePanda and I went to Michigan this past weekend (maybe I already mentioned that? I've been pretty excited). Stayed at a bed & breakfast in Union Pier, and it as fantastic! It was everything I really wanted it to be, but didn't really expect it to be. You know how you get your hopes up over something and then it kinda lets you down. That's what I thought might happen here, but this was actually a really wonderful weekend.

The "inn" was adorable; we had our own little fire place in the room, there were lots of games in the big living room of the main house. We played checkers and a couple other games. They had fresh baked cookies for us to eat until we exploded. And breakfast both mornings was incredible. Waffles, eggs, coffee, orange juice, hash browns, fruits, and other yums. Of course the hot tub was also a plus :) Pretty splendid sitting outside in the hot Jacuzzi with snow falling around you.

mini fire place in our room @ the b&b. cute deluxe.

We decided to do this lil vacay because of a Living Social deal (kinda like Groupon). And it came with a free dinner out at a restaurant one night, and a free wine tasting! The last morning we were there, we walked down to the beach, which was snowy, but not unpleasant b/c it was a pretty warm day. One things I really liked about this weekend? No tv :)
Thepanda carefully contemplates her next move in giant checkers.
I wish I had my camera on me so I could post more pictures right now, but all I have are my phone pics. I'm still floating on my good mood, I didn't even hate getting up for work this morning. PLUS IT'S ALMOST 60 DEGREES OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. It's lunch time and you better believe I'm about to get my booty out the door here in a minute.

Groupon sent me another $5 credit to use on one of their Groupon now deals. Thanksssss! Free lunch for Leah!

I'm a happy camper today. Even my crap-tacular co workers can't bum me out.

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