Friday, June 8, 2012

Health? part 2

Oh my god. Just returned from lunch outside and it is incredible out there. Sun! Warmth! Human smiles aplenty! Today is a day where I drink lemonade at my desk because it tastes like the sun is in my mouth. The beginning of this week was rough (i.e. anxiety, stress, panic attack, me generally being angry and tired all of the time). But no more! I'm not sure what brought on all of the negativity, maybe it was Venus crossing in front of the sun. Yeah, that's probably it.

The coffee shop I frequent is on the first floor of my office building. There are 2 employees - 1 middle aged guy who seems to be the owner, and a very unpleasant 16/17 year old girl. I have never seen either of them smile. Despite the buttheads who work there, I go to this coffee shop nearly every day. And I get the same thing every single time: a medium coffee. Sometimes if I am hungry and rich I will buy a muffin. Anyway, the point of the story is that I am a regular now, and they get my coffee ready for me before I'm even at the front of the line! I love it.

Angsty girl was at the cash register when I arrived this morning, and the woman in front of me in line approaches her. Angsty says, "hello" but never looks up from the register. She is pushing buttons, and seems to be having issues with something. 10 seconds pass and she keeps pushing buttons, never looking up. The woman in line finally says, "I'll have a large coffee please". Angsty says nothing, just pushes buttons. Face: expressionless. The owner man, also behind the counter, is leaning against the wall watching the events transpire. I am embarassed for everyone involved. Finally, owner man walks over and asks the lady, "what do you want?" She says, "a large coffee" and he begins to pour it for her. He hands her the coffee, and reaches in front of angsty girl to push some buttons on the cash register. She says nothing. Without ever looking up, she holds her hand out for payment of the coffee. The woman hands her a credit card. Angsty swipes the credit card and hands it back. SHE NEVER LOOKED AT THE CUSTOMER. NOT ONCE. Like I said, despite the fact that I was in no way involved, I was mortified and embarassed.

My negative feelings subsided when I saw the owner man get my coffee and set it on the counter before I got to the front of the line. Angstly finally looked up, and as soon as she saw me she rang up a medium coffee on the register. I felt pretty cool. But still a little mad at these rude people. How does such an unpleasant pair of people get a job in an industry that thrives on positive customer interactions? I am inspired now to look this place up on Yelp....

*10 minutes later

They are not on Yelp - gah! But I did read all of the reviews of their other locations, haha. Toooootally not a waste of time ;)

Work is calling me. Bye!

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