Monday, June 4, 2012


This is the first Monday I've had to work in a while - it's not my favorite. Thanks to NATO and Memorial Day for giving me the last 2 Mondays off work. I suppose the 4 day weeks and the 3 day weekends had to end sometime.

I have a camping trip planned near the end of this month, which has the fixins to be awesome. Heading out on Friday night, staying with friends in Indianapolis, then driving down to Nashville, TN on Saturday for good times and live music. Sunday and Monday camping out near Kentucky Lake! We may stop in southern Illinois to visit my grandparents on our way home Tuesday night. Anyway, I think it sounds like a ball of fun and can't wait for the next 2 weekends to pass :) Though I am nervous about asking my boss for the time off. I have been putting that off. Shh, don't talk about it.

Amanda and I are trying some detox this week. No beers til Friday AND waking up to go for a run on Tuesday and Thursday. Haha, this should be interesting. We both want to be healthier, but we are terrible at acting on it! I see so many people out running in the mornings while I'm on my way to the bus stop, and I've felt so jealous of them. Finally, I realized I didn't need to be jealous anymore because I too could chooise to be a morning runner! Getting out of bed at 5:15 will not be easy, but it's certainly not impossible. As for the no beer rule, I figure that can't hurt, right? Several nights a week when we get home from work, Amanda and I will have a beer. Especially since it's getting warm outside, it's really lovely to have a beer on the balcony and talk for a while. But we don't need the beers, so why waste the money and the calories? We aren't drinking to get drunk, it's just become a bit of a habit. I think the no beer rule will help with the waking early, and the being healthier thing so we're going to give it a shot! Please wish us luck, haha.

Exciting news from yesterday: the baby birds from the nest on our balcony are growing up! One left the nest yesterday afternoon, and the three roomies (Amanda/Molly/Me) eagerly watched from the window as his adults tweeted encouraging words and would occasionally regurgitate food into his mouth. We named him Olivander. I think there are 2 other babies in the nest, so we may see some more "coming of age" action soon.

Okay, I've been putting it off long enough - time to get to work. Bye!

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