Monday, June 25, 2012

Update cupcake

Just kidding about the cupcake. (Sorry!)

Last week's trip: success!! It was wonderful. Somehow the perfect combination of adventures and relaxation was acheived. Friday night after work (and after rush hour died down) we drove to Indianapolis to visit with Sunny. Was a quick visit, but still nice. Saturday: Nashville! So so so much fun, and so exhausting! We wanted to take it all in (especially since Amanda had never been there before), so we saw tons of live music and did lots of exploring of the city. Sunday early afternoon may have been even better, though. We went back downtown and walked around, occasionally stopping to listen to live music and grab a beer/snack. The weather was beautiful, and nothing beats good live music.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning were spend camping :} It was lovely. We camped out right along the shore of Kentucky lake. Rented some kayaks, hiked, played frisbee, made fires, told scary stories (seriously), and just fucking loved it all. I really need to start putting pictures on facebook, I've gotten so bad at that!

So last week I only worked on Thursday and Friday. I could get used to that, haha. Yesterday, of course, was Chicago pride parade! Mass groups of happy people are always a good time. Mass consumption of alcohol and no water is not a good time. I am feeling the brunt of that decision today. I fell asleep sitting up on the bus this morning, and when the driver made a sudden stop I was not prepared. I fell into the lap of the guy next to me who was playing words with friends on his phone. Yikes! That was the first of many examples today that have demonstrated how tired I am, haha.

Something awesome I'm looking forward to tonight? Watching River Monsters at home, and then going to bed early. Hell yeah.

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