Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I think that today is slightly better than yesterday, and the day before.
For the whole 45 minutes that I was watching Law & Order I forgot about cigarettes.
And instead of snapping at my mother for no good reason, I meditated.
I'm pretty sure I can do this.

As discussed with Erica yesterday, I think I need to wear a big sign that says "I'm sorry". Because I've been a real bitch these last few days. It's kind of like really intense PMSing non stop. The worst is that my mom doesn't even know any of this is going on, so she just thinks I suck for no reason.

If I make it a week with no smoking I'm going to do something nice for myself. I don't know what yet. Ideas?

*edit: just kidding, i am going to kill my mom.

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