Friday, April 22, 2011

What a day

Today was a day of magic and weird/new things happening all over the place!

Had a much needed conversation with someone. Very cathartic, but very good.
Got stood up by a Craigslist-er who wanted to buy some of my crap :( I could have used that $45 this weekend...
Babysat the little Bailey nugget! Lots of fun and baby noises. Practiced my peek-a-boo skills like a boss.
Was asked to appear in court as a witness for someone.
Was asked by Jasmine for help planning Sunny's wedding shower.
Aaaaaand another interesting thing happened that will be discussed at a later date.

Also, 30 Rock this week was SO WEIRD. It made me feel stoned just watching it. Last week was friggin hilarious, but this week was ridiculous.

That tegan and sara video that i posted earlier - awesome. good job, me.

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