Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday was my mom's birthday so I tried to be a good daughter. Her friends took her out to breakfast and then golfing so she was gone for a good part of the day. She is kind of a weirdo though, and for her birthday she wanted me to help her clean the garage. We did it. There were several unpleasant spider-related situations, but we worked through it.

She & I went out for dinner last night. Sat next to a couple who only said 3 things to each other for the whole hour that we were there sitting by them. It was so weird. I'm glad my mom noticed it, because as soon as I got in the car I said, "what was up with those weirdos next to us??" and she said, "I KNOOOOOW!". We had a good chuckle. Seriously, these people just sat in silence the whole time they were eating their food. The only thing they talked about was their food. The wife would occasionally ask if he liked his food. He would say yes. This happened 3 times.

After dinner we went the casino. My mom is so frugal, and brings the smallest amount of money, but she seems to like it there. Of course I do too! For some reason she gave me $50 to spend. AND I ended up winning $200 in one hand of 3 card poker. Most people are really cool when they win. Not me. I was all giddy and happy and trying not to do a seated victory dance (but I did it anyway). Ahhh the joys of gambling. The casino probably would have liked it if I had continued to play after that, but I cashed in my chips and left shortly after the win. Big pimpin.

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