Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

(Ok I'm 9 days late on that, but I still mean it!)

2011 was quite a year, quite a year indeed! This time last year I was living/working for my cousins in Cincinnati. An important relationship ended this time last year. But then we had a snow storm at the beginning of February - leading to cuddle fest 2011, haha. In March I took my East coast road trip and tried couch surfing for the first time, which was glorious. Helped plan/execute a surprise birthday party for my mom at the beginning of April, and then later that month I met Amanda. I also quit smoking for 11 days. Whoop!

The summer of 2011 was actually pretty awesome, despite the fact that I got depressed about not having a job at times. I went to the beach quite a bit, played some ultimate frisbee, fell in love, drank lots of beer, went on adventures, saw lots of concerts, and overall had a really lovely summer.

Fall/winter of 2011? Hmm well I got my current job, sometime in September. It's had it's ups and downs. Ups in that I have money coming in, and I'm on some kind of regular schedule for the first time in a while.I don't feel quite as useless as I did when I wasn't working ;) Of course the downs with this job are that I'm pretty indifferent to the work I'm doing, and well, it takes time away from my "social life". Haha. Oh well, I feel good knowing this is stable, but temporary.

Anyway, I guess the point is that lots of stuff happened in 2011! Where I was 365 days ago is nowhere near where I am today. It's pretty incredible, actually. Initially, I didn't want to make any "resolutions" for the year, I'm changing my mind. I love lists. So a list will be made! An important list! FOR THE YEAR!

But not right now. Haha. Must work. Bye!

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