Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rut Roh

I bought my first...wait for it...full coverage bra this past weekend. Does that mean I am getting old?!? Too much information? Probably. I'm sorry.

Dave & Busters date yesterday ;) So fun! I used my credit card points to get a gift card. Zombie games, Skee ball, pool, basketball, Ms. Pacman, tall beers, and my favorite girl. How friggin lucky am I? <3

Having a 3 day weekend was grrrrrreat! It really did seem so long. I was really lazy during the day, but guess what? IT WAS AWESOME. And you know what? Only 4 days of work this week - whoop whoop!

This post was written in an effort to get my stinky self out of this weird pseudo-Monday-morning funk I am in. Yeah, I'm kind of a grumpus today. What is it about seeing pictures of exes that puts me in such a weird mood?! I'm a strange strange cookie...At least Dwight can give us some answers.

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