Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ah Thursday night you are almost as good as Friday

I enjoy most days of the week. My main exception is Monday. Useless. I love Fridays. ESPECIALLY Friday afternoons. The anticipation of the weekend is almost as good as the actual weekend itself. I kind of ruined last weekend due to lots of drinks on Saturday, so my plan is to not do that this time. Medium amount of drinks is fine, as long as I remember to eat first...much vomit/crying/headache combinations were had last weekend. Ew.

I'm currently feeling pretty fly, sitting on Panda's couch, listening to the heater and people outside. Just showered, wearing sweats, drinking a Red Stripe, and planning a quick shopping trip to Trader Joe's down the street. Ahhhhh knowing that tomorrow is Friday puts me in such a good mood! Panda works late tonight, and I was supposed to go home, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to make the treck all the way to the suburbs knowing that I'll just be coming right back to the city in the morning. PLUS when I stay with Panda I get to sleep in a bit and only take one form of public transportation #perks. Oh, and I get to spend time with my love :)

Tomorrow I have a blog plan! Phone Photo Phriday. See what I did there? Bahh ha ha ha. I'm gonna post pics of my day every so often. You know, to capture a day in the life of the Leah. I can't promise it will be exciting, but I can promise it will be a thing.

I'm turning into a hungry hungry hippo now. Must seek sustinance. Bye-cicle.

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