Monday, November 28, 2011


Oh, hello again!
The last few days have been glorious; piles of booze and food and good times. Now I must detox, haha. From all of the above. I've decided to cut out some of my usual vices from now til Christmas, I have faith in myself now, but we'll see what really happens this weekend. I'm going to avoid beer, soda, and meat from now til Christmas (eve). I think I've gotten to be kind of a fatty. This should help with that. Also, a test of will. I will need support, so if you have any to spare I will be accepting of it. I considered cutting down on smoking as well, but I think that could have been a bit much. I don't want to explode and binge consume everything all at once.

In addition, I discovered that my user name on Pinterest is
Feel free to be checking it out.

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