Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It begins

First day of March, I will be 25 in 9 days. WHAT? I would like to buy a cute dress in celebration. I think that this dress is lovely, but unfortunately does not exist in my size. I will continue to look.

Went to the doctor today, that's always fun. Then ate Jimmy John's. In fact, I still have half of my sandwich waiting for me in the fridge. Making a mental note to eat that when I'm done here...

After speaking to Sunny this evening, I think that Indianapolis will be the first stop on my road trip! Great! I will either leave on Thursday or Saturday. I suppose it would be polite to tell my cousin in advance that I'd like to stay with her in Atlanta.

I made a salad tonight that was rather (unexpectedly) tasty.
Cabbage, Radish, and Cucumber Pressed Salad. I didn't have ALL of the "required" ingredients, so the radish was replaced with turnip, and the shallots were just onions. It worked out fine. Making healthy food is super satisfying to me.

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