Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While driving to Asheville, NC from Atlanta I found myself to be a little bit fatigued. Like a responsible driver, I pulled into a rest area where I snuggled up with my blanket for a nap. I had turned off my car/locked the doors, but forgot one little detail: to turn off my headlights.

I had only planned to nap for about 30-40 minutes, but it turned into an hour and a half ordeal. When I finally decided it was time to pee & leave, my friggin car would not start. You know why? The battery was dead! Yup, good ol' me leaving the headlights on to shine in on the picnic area while I'm enjoying snoozefest 2011.

After I finally realized what had happened (it took longer than you might think - I was newly awake and easily confused), I looked around for someone to ask for help. Unfortunately there was slim pickins. But I walked up to the nearest car which contained a middle aged man reclined in his seat. He opened the window when I waved, and I asked if he had jumper cables. To my DELIGHT he said, "As a matter of fact, I do!" He pointed to a duffle bag on his passenger seat and drove over to my car. He said he'd just cleaned out his garage and found them, so he decided to put them in his car. PERFECT TIMING! We both decided that it was meant to be. Fate if you will.

Unfortunately for both of us it took a long ass time to charge my battery. For a while I thought it was dead forever. Then my windshield wipers started to twitch and I knew things were on their way. Paul (as he later introduced himself to me), showed me how to use the jumper cables - this is maybe the 4th time I've learned how to do it in my life. I seem to forget every single time.

Once my car was started I thanked him a lot, and he said I might need a new car battery because mine took so long to charge. Then he gave me his jumper cables! I know! He noticed I was from out of state, and said since I was on such a long trip I should have them in case of an emergency. What a nice fellow :) Thank you Paul.

In other news I am currently snuggled up in my bed at a hostel in Asheville. It wasn't my first choice, but I think I like it now. It's the fanciest hostel I've ever stayed in I think! It's called Sweet Peas Hostel and it's right in the downtown area which I like. I'll probably be staying here tonight and tomorrow. One of the things I like about staying in a hostel vs. a hotel or motel is that I get to meet fun/interesting traveling folks. Plus, it's relatively cheap. I didn't go on this road trip to hang out alone in a hotel room - duh.
Here is my bed! It's called a "pod". I don't know why. The light is burnt out in my pod. I don't like that.
This place is so much neater/cleaner than the hostels I stayed at in Australia. But they had their charm.

Anyway, even thought I didn't get to Asheville til like 8:30 tonight I love it already. I checked in to the hostel, chatted with some girls from Massachusetts, then ventured off to see what was going on around here. Everything is so cute - the bars, the restaurants, the streets, the shops, the cafes, everything! I can't wait to see it during the day. I had the most delicious salad of my life tonight: It had "mixed greens", grapefruit slices, avocado, and some ridiculously tasty vinaigrette. Holy crap it was incredible.

Tomorrow I'm going to do some walking around downtown Asheville, maybe go hiking, and find some cute stores/restaurants/cafes to go into. Of course I'll take some pictures as well.

It's getting close to 4 a.m. Yikes! Time for bed. Glad they gave me some ear plugs to wear because I have a feeling that this curtain isn't going to block much/any noise from people getting up early in the morning. Maybe someone will make me coffee.

I am so content right now :) In the last week I think I've really become a better version of myself. I'm diggin it.

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  1. Sweet Peas Hostel... Duh you would stay in a pod! Just a lil pea in a pod! Sweet.