Monday, March 21, 2011


It's officially Spring, yay :D

Much has happened in the last few days! On St. Patty's day I met my 1st CS host. She was super lovely, and the weather in Greenville was spectacular while I was there. We did lots-o-fun things while I was there. I ended up staying 2 nights. Played some ultimate frisbee with her friends on Saturday afternoon. I have been incredibly sore ever since. Starting to think it may be permanent...yikes! Some pics to share:

 brie/tomato melt w/ homemade bean salad. so so good.

bunk bed hammocks and chocolate wine!

we dance and point after ultimate, it's what people do.

outside lookin good.

Leah makes people pose! 

Bubble chairs at the tipsy teapot.

Bah - I am have so many pictures from my adventures! Will share more of them soon. Hung out with Reed last night/today. It was nice :) Tonight was super uneventful, however. I drove, was tired, now am in a somewhat shady hotel between Baltimore & Philadelphia. I was going to drive out to Atlantic City tonight, but at some point I changed my mind. Too hard to stay awake. Only about a 3 hour drive from here to NYC - I am psyched! Gotta sleep now, checkout is in 7 hours. Yoiks!

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