Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Phone pics

I occasionally do a photo dump of all the pictures on my phone. Because when I have 500 pics on there it is so damn slow that I can't do anything.  So now I transfer many of them to my computer where I can look at them in a regular size and they aren't gettin busy with my phone anymore. Came across a few pics from my trip that I thought I should post! Yay!

1: this book is awesome. had a lot to do with me wanting to take my trip.

2: these windmills off of highway 65 between chicago and indy freak the shit out of me. there are a billion of them for as far as you can see for several miles downs the road. wtf. they are also scary at night.

3: got a chip in my windshield between cincinnati and nashville :( totally bummed because i just got a new windshield 2 months ago! the good news is that i got it fixed, and insurance covered it. when the rock hit the windshield i was about 99% sure i was getting shot at...in louisville kentucky lol.

4: this is my bed(room) in atlanta. it's awesome! i have a feeling that once i leave here my sleeping arrangements won't be quite this nice and i won't have people paying for all my food anymore...oh well - it's fun while it's lasting!

5: meet peyton. she is one of my cousin's 2 dogs. and she's friggin adorable - but a little emo.

6: this is my cousin's mini cooper that we drove to destin, fl in. drove most of the way there with the top up, but once we got to florida we took it off and were cruisin...with hats on. haha on our way back from destin to florida we had the top down for the whole 5 and a half hours. i proceeded to get good and sun burned :P

7: doofusy lookin picture of me in the coop

What a nice trip down memory lane!

Places I've been to on my trip:
Cincinnati, Ohio
Nashville, Tennessee
Atlanta, Georgia
Destin, Florida

Places left to go to:
Asheville, North Carolina
Greenville, North Carolina
Charlottesville, Virginia
Atlantic City, New Jersey
New York, New York
Ithaca, New York
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tomorrow I leave for Asheville! I am excited and nervous. Every place I've visited to so far I have been to already & know people there. Now starts the portion of my journey where I kind of play everything by ear and start making new friends...wish me luck!

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